Boyd Corporation

Boyd Corporation

Boyd Corporation is a leading manufacturer of standard- and customized solutions for heat management regarding power electronics. Electronic components (semi-conductors) dissipate heat. When that heat is not derived properly, this can lead to damage on the semiconductor and, finally, the whole system.

To derive the heat, electronic components are usually mounted on heatsinks. Generally, the surface of these heatsinks is not smooth enough,  therefore  additional machining is required to assure sufficient thermal contact. This can be avoided by using an optimized thermal coupling by means of thermal conducting and, if required, electrically isolating interface materials.

As an innovating partner, Boyd meets the increasing demands for high process reliability and flexibility of her products. The companies products combine excellent thermal specifications, with superior electrical performance and product quality.

Boyd Corporation supplies:

  • Thermal conducting, electrical isolating materials
  • Thermal conducting, electrical non-isolating materials
  • Heatsinks
  • Mounting materials

The components can be found in automotive, aerospace, IT and control technology, medical engineering, consumer electronics and green energy.

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