CEAG (Eaton)

CEAG (Eaton)

As stockholder of CEAG EX products, KWx is the ultimate partner for explosion proof lighting (from handlamps to long life Fluorescent- and LED fittings) and a variety of explosion proof switches, plugs & receptacles and wall sockets.
The CEAG EX products stand for quality and reliability. These are also the core values of KWx

Explosion proof lighting

With a large range of explosion proof lighting, CEAG has had a top position in the market for many years. CEAG has a good reputation regarding designing – and manufacturing high quality EX lighting.
CEAG offers a variation of different portable lighting solutions, ranging from robust searchlights to handy flashlights. These products are applicable in both zone 1 and 2.
KWx is the exclusive stockholder for the newest CEAG EX LED luminaire, the PX-LED

Explosion proof switching – and contact products

CEAG assigned KWx as stockholder for explosion proof switching- and contact products. The product range consists of plugs & receptables, connectors and wallsockets. In addition tot hat, the range includes safety- and mains switches.

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