Danotherm Electric A/S

Danotherm Electric A/S

Danotherm Electric A/S, located in Denmark, produces power resistors up to 2 Megawatt with pulse-load capability up to 380 times the nominal power. Typical applications for these types of resistors are:

  • charging and dis-charging
  • dump-load for elevators, cranes and winches
  • wind turbines and snubber resistors for semiconductors

Danotherm is also specialized in high-power resistors for maritime and hybrid bus and -truck applications.

The  resistors as mentioned below, can be supplied in several designs: water- or air cooled, open or sealed housing (up to IP66), in various materials, connectors and with or without thermal switch:

  • Aluminum housed resistors
  • Steel grid resistors
  • Steel tube resistors
  • (Ceramic) wire wound resistors
  • Heat sink resistors
  • Heating/dehumidifying resistors