Hawke International

Hawke International

HAWKE is market leader of explosion proof installation products. They are ahead in development and innovation. HAWKE was the first manufacturer providing a complete ATEX certified range of cable glands. KWx delivers the most common cable glands, suitable for both non armoured – and armoured cables, from stock.
The HAWKE range consists of :

Explosion proof – and industrial cable glands

HAWKE offers a large range of cable glands for all main cable types. These cable glands are suitable for application in general and explosion proof ways. The explosion proof cable glands are suitable for both Ex-e and Ex-d applications. All explosion proof cable glands are ATEX certified. In addition Hawke also provides glands with international certifications from UL, CSA, CEPEL, INMETRO and EAC.

Next to that, KWx is certified and authorized to provide training sessions in explosion proof cable glands. These courses are organized either at KWx, or at customers office. In consultations KWx can offer These trainings tailor made, depending on specific needs and/or cable gland types.

Explosion proof connectors

With HAWKE connectors you realize a a quick connection of temporary- and portable equipment in hazardous area’s. With some of the HAWKE connector types you can turn off the voltage of single equipment, without first having to turn off the voltage for the entire area in question. Ideal for maintenance, repair and for replacement of crucial equipment. The ‘out of order’ time of usually capital-expensive processes is therefore much shorter then the case would be when junction boxes were to be used.

Explosion proof junction boxes

HAWKE offers a complete range of explosion proof enclosures. Bases on your wishes, KWx is able to provide a detailed quotation for a custom made junction box. When requested, KWx is also capable to support you with the design of the correct junction box and is certified to assemble custom specific junction boxes.

Explosion proof control stations

The HAWKE range of control stations offers a multitude of switch – and control applications in Ex-e enclosures. The HAZCON range consists of standard solutions with either push button(s), switch(es) and/or indicator(s).

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