Hawke Transit System

Hawke Transit System

The ATEX certified cable transit system, designed and manufactured by Hawke Transit System (H.T.S.), creates a reliable cable and pipe sealing, what makes them resistant to water, fire, gas, chemicals, explosions, UV radiation, etc. Different frame types are available for both civil- and marine applications.

Because of the unique design the cable transit blocks are suitable for a range of cable diameters. Next to that, the transit blocks contain a unique colour coding, so one can check instantly if the system has been configured in a correct way.

The sealing of the complete cable transit system can be achieved in a relatively quick and easy way with a compression tool.
The above mentioned features makes the H.T.S. cable transit solution the most reliable – and straightforward system on the market.
Hawke Transit System has all relevant certifications.

The H.T.S. product range includes :
• Cable transit frames
• Cable transit blocks
• Accessorees

Next to compression tool, H.T.S. supplies a variation of different accessories and tools for an effortless and quick installation of a cable transit system.

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