Petercem, part of the French Mafelec group, recently acquired the ABB division of current- and voltage sensors.

These sensors are applied in sections as industry (drives, UPS and welding equipment), energy (energy storage, wind- and solar energy),traction (rolling stock and substations) and measurement They are galvanically separated in any (AC or DC) current wave form.

Petercem offers:

  • Closed loop current sensors from 5 A up to 2000 A
  • Open loop current sensors from 100 A till 1000 A
  • Electronic voltage sensors from 50 V till 4200 V
  • Special (current- and voltage-)sensors for traction applications
  • Electronic current sensors from 4000 A till 40000 A
  • Voltage detectors from 25 V till 3600 V

These rugged sensors distinguish themselves by a large temperature range (-40°C till +85 °C) and a high reliability under extreme circumstances.

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