Redapt (Eaton)

Redapt (Eaton)


Redapt is a well known manufacturer of, amongst other things, explosion proof adaptors, reducers, stopping plugs and breather drains.

Redapt benefits from a flexible setting and fast delivery times. KWx is the official distributor of all Redapt hazardous area accessories and is able to deliver from stock.

Adaptors & Reducers

Redapt supplies a large range of Ex-de adaptors and reducers, which comply to IECEx, ATEX and various other international standards. Since the large diversity of products Redapt is able to offer a suitable solution for almost any situation.

Breather-drain pluggen

De Redapt Breather Drain plugs are extremely suitable for explosion proof spaces in the oil- and gas industry.

Through integrated special filters the air and moisture will be transported downwards and then released outside via specially designed holes. These holes also admits air into the respective device to provide proper ventilation and to prevent moisture accumulation. The  breather drain prevents condensation and internal corrosion. This will benefit the lifetime of explosion proof devices.

Stopping plugs

To seal non used cable entries, Redapt stopping plugs can be applied. Redapt distingueshes  so called ‘A and B’ plugs (Ex-d), Domehead plugs (Ex-de) and Hex head plugs (Ex-e)


In addition to above mentioned products, Redapt also offers various accessories, like locknuts, washers, bushes and earth tags.

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