KWx appointed as distributor for Eaton Electronics’ supercapacitors

October 26, 2017

KWx appointed as distributor for Eaton Electronics’ supercapacitors

Eaton Electronics and KWx agreed that KWx will distribute Eaton Electronics’ very interesting range of supercapacitors in the Benelux countries. Super capacitors are applied in strong growing markets like automotive, maritime, consumer and ‘green energy’ generation.

The most important properties:

  • very long ‘cycle life’
  • maintenance free
  • very high efficiency
  • very high power density
  • sustainable, environmental friendly

These properties are especially mostly significant in situations where energy must be charged and discharged very rapidly. Please consider:

  • Battery support (generator starting systems, forklift trucks, electrical vehicles).
  • Regenerate energy in automotive, elevators and cranes.
  • Alternative for batteries (UPS, electrical busses, warehouse systems).

Apart from separate cells there is also a diversity of modules available. These modules can be applied flexible and/or be combined for special configurations.

For more information we refer to the website of Eaton Electronics. Of course, you can contact us at any time.

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