Roadtrip with Eaton was a great success

April 06, 2018

Roadtrip with Eaton was a great success

Together with Christopher Likely (Sales Manager Electronics Division – Eaton), we have had a successful road trip in our territory in week 10. We had many meetings with customers in the maritime, funfair and mobile equipment market.

Due to the tighter environmental legislation from governments, (increased) electrification is a must in many applications. The super caps of Eaton can contribute efficiently to these applications, where a peak power with a maximum duration of 60 seconds is needed.

Other applications could be peak shaving and/or battery support, as to increase the battery life-time.

Super caps have some major benefits, like:

  • Long cycle-life (up-to 1.000.000 cycles)
  • High power density
  • Wide temperature range
  • Green solution, with no heavy metals

Feel free to contact us when you have questions, or would like to have technical support for super caps in your application.

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