Update on the DC breaker switch project

February 04, 2019

Update on the DC breaker switch project

February 2019: KWx introduces the air-cooled semiconductor based switch. This smaller switch, handling a nominal current of 200 A, is specifically designed for applications where liquid cooling is not available. The configurable I2t feature is specifically designed for test and research facilities.

Important features of this 1kV DC breaker switch:

  • The extreme fast short-circuit interruption of less than 10 µs, limits the impact of fault currents to a minimum.
  • The configurable time-current profile (i2t) for overload protection makes our liquid cooled DC breaker switch extremely suitable for application in test- and demonstration equipment setups.
  • Modular design.

Aircooled DC breaker switch

September 2018: We are excited to see that we are now approaching the final release of the range of DC breaker switches. The emission, immunity, dry cold (5°), dry heat (70°) and damp tests are finished successfully.

During the vibration tests it became clear that additional damping is required to reduce lateral force. At this moment 24/7 high power cycling tests are running to put maximum stress on all components. We expect that due to and after these extreme tests the final power tests for certification will just be a formality.

Emission test DC breaker switch

Looking at the results we can safely say that we are confident that the certification by DNV GL and Lloyds reg. will be successful. We will keep you informed!

Ident number Description Range Size
AA-10411-101 DC breaker switch 0.5kA – 1kV 500A Small
AA-10411-102 DC breaker switch 1.25kA – 1kV 1250A Medium
AA-10411-103 DC breaker switch 2.5kA – 1kV 2500A Large
AA-10411-105 DC breaker switch 3.75kA – 1kV 3750A Large
AA-10411-108 DC breaker switch 5kA – 1kV 5000A Large

Februari 2018: With many of you we discussed the introduction of a range of 1kV DC breaker switches for application in DC bus systems, mainly in maritime systems.

Together with our partner Astrol we are preparing the market introduction of three mechanical sizes: a 500A switch in a small housing, a 1250A switch in a medium housing and 2500 – 5000A switches in large housings.

The actual expectation is that we will release the small and medium size switches soon, followed by the large size later this year.

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