Non Destructive Testing

NDT solutions for inspection and maintenance

In a market with an increasing attention for the quality of an end product or asset, it is very important to be able to inspect the material in a non-destructive way. The reliability and repeatability of the inspection method is a key aspect in relation to quality control.

KWx represents a wide range of manufacturers that are all known as an A-brand and market leader in their field. KWx is known for high quality products, knowledge of the inspection procedures and the added value of their own service center.

The KWx portfolio consists of solutions for the following inspection methods:

  • Penetrant and magnetic particle testing (Helling)
  • Hardness testing (NewSonic)
  • Ultrasound inspection (GE Krautkramer)
  • Eddy Current testing (GE)
  • Infrared/ thermography (FLIR)
  • XRF Analyzers – PMI (Bruker)