Power Electronics

Experts in power electronics

The portfolio of the power electronics cluster is in fact a complete bill of material and includes, apart from semiconductors of renowned manufacturers such as ABB and IXYS, a wide range of accessories.

With many years of experience, we would like to advise you on choosing the right thyristor, diode, rectifier, IGBT or MOSFET. But we also offer the right heatsink or the correct capacitor (metal film or electrolytic), resistor, voltage- or current sensor, mounting materials such as clips and foil or fast fuses with the matching holder.

The benefits for you are clear: An experienced partner with a comprehensive package of semiconductors and accessories, in many cases available from stock with a lot of knowledge helping you in this fascinating application: the power electronics.

KWx contributes, together with her manufacturers, to the development of new products when requested for the market. This can be customer specific assemblies but also, with sufficient volume, semiconductor modules or discrete components based on new materials such as Silicon Carbide (SiC).

Delivery to your partners across the border is not a problem for us.

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