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KWx and Eekels: Electrification of two ferries for Lake Ontario

With over 100 years of experience, Eekels Technology, part of TBI, is a leading system integrator operating in two main markets: Marine & Offshore and Industry & Infrastructure. With regard to the former, Eekels is a system integrator in the truest sense of the word. Under the brand name MarPower, the company delivers integrated customer-specific solutions for vessels in the fields of voltage conversion, drive technology and automation.

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KWx and Bakker Sliedrecht aboard technologically advanced vessels

Bakker Sliedrecht designs, installs and maintains complex electrical installations and has a proven track record in the maritime and offshore industry. For one of its projects, Bakker Sliedrecht approached KWx during the initial stages of the development.

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KWx supports Strukton Rolling Stock on its first Indian journey

KWx has been actively involved in this project from the very start. KWx supplied Strukton with the IGBTs, heatsinks, liquid cold plates and capacitors that are the key components of the auxiliary converter and traction converter systems aboard the locomotives.

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PRE and KWx: at the forefront of electric vehicle charging

PRE designs and produces highly graded and innovative power electronics. They specialize in co-creating power electronics solutions that find their application within industrial applications and the solar&wind energy and e-mobility industries.

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