Test and Measurement

Test and measuring instruments for electrotechnical applications

The sales group Test & Measurement delivers electrotechnical instruments for the industry, installers, panel construction, mechanical engineering and inspection companies. We offer a wide range of instruments like:

  • Appliance testers
  • Installation testers
  • Current clamps
  • Multi-meters
  • Power Quality analysers
  • Infra-red camera’s
  • Insulation testers
  • Earth ground testers
  • PV testers
  • Machine and panel testers
  • And many more…

Characteristic for all these products is the safety and ease of use.

KWx’s Test & Measurement consist out of product specialists and sales engineers who all have their own specialty. Together we offer expert solutions for all of your electrotechnical applications, because apart from our product specialist we also have measurement specialists helping you with the measurements according to the NEN 1010, NEN 3140 and many other standards.

MeterCare: service and repair for your measurement instruments

In our brand independent calibration and repair department we have six colleagues who calibrate and repair all sorts of test and measurement instruments. Making sure your instruments stay in perfect condition.

Sales in the Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)186-633603
E-mail: sales@kwx.nl

Sales in Belgium
Phone: +32 (3)450-7800
E-mail: info@kwx.be

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